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If you are a fan of rich, dark, chunky marmalades, then these are for you!
They are home made in small quantities to a recipe,
developed over a number of years from one handed down from my mother,

now with just 43% sugar to 57% fruit!
(check what the supermarkets call 'reduced sugar')

If you are not a fan of regular marmalades, then these might change your mind -
they are in a class of their own!
Customers have told me that they use it as a 'relish'
Another says he serves it with Camembert as a starter

Personally, I don't think you can beat starting your day with a
'Toast and Tangy Marmalade'

My Marmalades have gained awards at the 
DALEMAIN  MARMALADE FESTIVAL, held in Cumbria each March.
I am sure the high quality fruit, that the WOODBRIDGE GREEN GROCER supplies,
is a contributing factor.
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Seville Orange tree plantation in Spain, and another naturalized area
Oranges from the Woodbridge Greengrocer
Jars and lids from ''
(I give back 20p for each returned jar!!)
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